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    Hi All,
    I need some advice. I graduated a year ago and have been working at a psychiatric facility for the past 8-9 months. I am now missing the medical aspect of nursing and have been trying to get a job in a medical facility for some time now. I absolutely love cardiology and have been trying to get a job either in telemetry, med/surg or on a cardiac unit. I eventually want to be working in the ICU or ED, but understand i have to get some experience first. I have enrolled myself in an RN-EMT-basic class to help with experience, but other than that i am getting rejected from every job i apply to. I know it is a difficult time to get a job as a nurse but i was wondering if anyone has advice on how i can either build my resume or increase my chances of getting one of the jobs i apply for! I also am volunteering in the ED at a hospital where i am looking for a job. I would really appreciate some advice!
    Thank you!

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