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  1. 0 So, here's the scoop. Been back to work per diem in a PCU unit. Not crazy about it (cardiac), and after a year and a half of working here, I decided that cardiac is just not for me.

    open house interview at a hospital, a little farther from home, but I worked there before I took time off to raise my kids for 4 years. Now, I applied and did an open interview with them. I really want to go to oncology or palliative care. i am told that to be even considered for the position, I need to be certified in Oncology. Okay...bummer. Likely not to get the job.

    I go home, I research how to get certified. Here's the kicker.... you need Oncology experience for at least a year with 1000 hours of onco nursing practice.

    So, basically, it means that I need a "key" to get in, but the only way to get THE KEY is if you're already inside? This is just insane!

    Any advice out there on how I can get this process going? Thanks!
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