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Thesis title

  1. 0 Im looking for a good thesis title.
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    Can you help me to have a thesis title?
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    What is your topic or project?
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    Normally, the first step is to identify a problem or topic you wish to investigate.... the title emerges from that information, not the other way round.
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    Im working in icu ,do you have any idea that is intetesting to study?
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    Quote from Dilaine
    Im looking for a good thesis title.
    Is Bloodletting still relevant in the 21st Century ICU?

    ​That sounds interesting to me.
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    What kind of work do you want to do after graduation? What type of patients do you want to work with? etc. I'd suggest picking a topic related to that. Then your thesis will support your future work -- perhaps you get a better job in your favorite field, etc. You need to start by figuring out what your interests are and build from there.