taking part-time job in the hospital from full time LTC

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    I have full-time hours, benefits at LTC facility. I wanted to go in the hospital for a while, 3 years into nursing. Applied for a job; was interviewed, for complex continuing care, at the hospital but part time hours, ratio five 8 hour shifts one week, then two 8 hour shift the next rotation. Am I crazy to want take this hospital job and take a large pay cut to do so? did anyone else do this to get their foot in the door in the hospital?

    Thanks for any help

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    If you can afford it and can get benefits elsewhere go for it. You can always see if the LTC will keep you as PRN.
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    I think I agree with you, to better my experience as a nurse I think its necessary, and keeping casual at my other job works, no benefits suck but I'm young and in good health, I can always get a full-time job down the line.

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