Surgical Floor or OR Fellowship... Please Suggest! Surgical Floor or OR Fellowship... Please Suggest! | allnurses

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Surgical Floor or OR Fellowship... Please Suggest!

  1. 0 Hi! I have a year medical-surgical experience... still a week short to be a year. I recently found two offers - Surgical floor in a DC hospital and OR fellowship in a Virginia hospital. They both are awesome opportunities. But I can't decide which route to go.

    One is pure surgical floor with general surgery patients coming up for acute care right before discharge. The other is a 1 year long fellowship. I also have two kids. So general surgery gives me 12 hours shift which means I can get involved in their schools also during my off days. With OR, I work five days 8 hours shift with weekends and nights on call.. not sure how many days. DC pays more than VA but many other benefits better in VA.

    Just hope to get advices if you can. How is the OR nursing life? with two kids and husband, which is nicer so that I can have quality time with home and work balance. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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    Ok. Thanks.