Substantial gap from graduating from school and passing NCLEX.

  1. I recently passed my state boards in Texas after taking it for the 4th time (test anxiety). I graduated from school in 2008 and acquired a job upon graduation in a graduate nurse internship. I started in 01/09 at a graduate nurse internship. I took my test before my temporary license expired. I failed the 1st time and was reassigned as a patient care tech. Needless to say I remained a pct until I was let go 3 months later. My concern is am I still eligible and considered as a graduate nurse due to my limited work history? I feel like I'm in limbo because I do not consider myself a grad anymore due to the length of time from my graduation date. Anyone have any input or advice I would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    You are what is referred to as an "old" new grad. Some places will consider you for an internship, others won't consider anyone who is more than a year out from graduation without having held a position as a nurse. Just depends on the individual institution. Best of luck.