SoCal to NorCal

  1. Hi ALL!

    I recently got hired in Kaiser Santa Clara at Northern California. Im from Los Angeles and im a bit nervous (& excited) coz im moving in a few weeks!

    Anyone here who has worked at KP Santa Clara? Maybe you can share stories or tips if you've worked there on the floor or anything about the hospital!

    They offered me a pretty competitive rate but i know living in the bay area is quite expensive! I found a place 25 mins away from work where its cheaper. Do u guys have any suggestions where to find a place thats not so expensive and a safe area? .. Do u know any other hospitals around there where i can apply for per diem?

    Thanks a lot!
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  3. by   forthebirds
    Congratulations on landing a job in NorCal! I don't have KP experience, but wanted to give you area hospital names for per diem. Places to check out are: Good Samaritan and Regional medical (same health system), El Camino hospital (2 locations, Mountain View and Los Gatos) and also O'Connor. Wish you success!