registered nurse shifting to dentistry

  1. 0 Hi everyone,
    I am now a confused registered nurse in the Philippines i'm having a difficulty to find a job in nursing that actually pays. I am now, in a "training" program in a hospital that doesn't pay, which i actually payed myself just to get in (and there's not even a security that i would be absorb to be employed), anyway, I've been considering to shift my profession into dentistry. A friend of mine told me that i would only take 2 years of school in dentistry and graduate. Does anyone know anything about these or give any insight at all if it's worth shifting?

    *help out weigh the pros and cons of shifting to dentistry
    *does anyone know someone who have shifted from being a registered nurse to dentistry, and what are any details?
    *what schools in manila would be a good in considering getting into?

    -please, a reply would be appreciated.
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