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questions re: nursing post recovery

  1. 0 Hello!

    I am 37 yrs old, newlywed, and a sober member of a program of recovery for almost 5 yrs.

    I had considered nursing as a career in my late teens, yet found the tuition too high (was supporting myself at an early age).

    I did well in the high tech industry until about 4 yrs ago, my career path no longer exists!!

    So, I began to consider returning to my original dream of nursing.

    My question is: California requires full disclosure of my criminal history (dui's and public intoxications) prior to licensing. Before I commit to a nursing program, with a history of alcohol abuse, would I ever be able to be licensed and will anyone hire me?

    Thank you for any insight you can offer. Please feel free to email me privately with personal experience. I know of lists that speak of recovering nurses already in the profession, but what about folks already living a sober life wanting to join the profession?

    D in California