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  1. I think my career is over, I have mead some very stupid decisions. I have been a nurse for 6 yrs. My first job lasted a little over 5 yrs. I got cought up in the politics. I was constantly being called on my days off and finally one day I came into work and obviously wasn't thinking, I was called into my managers office for something I didn't do and I just had enough I couldn't take it anymore and I quit on the spot. I found work but my next job was in a LTAC and i got fired. I had some pt complaints. My explanations fell on deaf ears. I am having a hard time now finding employment. Is there any hope for me?
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  3. by   grev
    Never lose hope dear. Just persevere in your job hunt and soon you will be rewarded. I myself am having trouble finding a job. I worked as a nurse for 4 years, resigned, and now im trying to find new employment near my home. Its been months and still no luck. Apply to as many jobs as you can and make use of all your resources. Good luck!