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  1. 0 Hello, I have posted several threads on here and still have questions about being a nurse practitioner. I wanted some first hand experience advice. Any at all!!! I want to know things such as: are np paid well, how stressful is the job, how rewarding, is it true you may have to work 20 hour shifts, is grad school really hard while working, are np well respected, and really any other advice or comments!!! Thank You!
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    Well, I can't give you MUCH input... and this isn't very encouraging but:

    Around here, there are lots of NPs. I live in the rural south, and NPs are seen as a big plus by some of the clinics since they're much cheaper to employ than MDs. The public seems to like them fairly well... the doctors, on the other hand... think they are undereducated for the amount of responsibility they have. And in some cases this proves itself to be very true (for example: my local NP should NOT be treating my aunt who has CHF - she should be seeing a cardiologist or at least a family practice MD)...

    Just my two cents, I won't go into it any deeper for fear of sounding rude.

    Good luck, whatever you decide!

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