Nursing through the years

  1. 0 In your opinion/experiences, What are these changes?
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    I responded to an email from "the person" asking how nursing has changed since I began in 1972. It has improved dramatically. I have worked in nearly every area of nursing and now work at UT Medical Center in Knoxville, Tennessee: the best hospital that I have ever worked at in my view. I am assisting with recruitment of quality nurses. The best aspects of working here are:
    1. better nurse/pt ratios (one/5-6) Team spirit and work
    2. recognition
    3.excellent managers who encourage each of us to "be the best nurse we can"
    4. we are not called away from ptient care all day for meetings.
    5. competitive pay and raises
    6. work w/ the finest MD'S in Tennessee;nursing and medicine truly collaborate
    7.It reminds me alot of my years as a Navy Nurse. (85-93)
    I encourage any of you to email me for more information about working at UT if you live in the area or are considering a move to the beautiful Smoky Mountains region! Sincerely Susan

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