NS-LIJ Critical Care Fellowship

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I'm a new grad RN and I submitted my application foor NS-LIJ's Coronary Care Unit- Critical Care Fellowship 7p-7a, LIJ in mid- july. I was told they are interviewing now and I was just curious if anyone has heard back from the talent acquisition agency regarding an interview?

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    Hey sammyb210, I also applied to this fellowship in July and was really hoping to get in. Do u know if they've just recently started the interview process? Getting discouraged cus I haven't heard or received anything from them...
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    I think they did, at least that's what they told me though it could have been very general information because that's what they seem to tell people. Do you know how many people apply and how many do they take? I'm a Nslij employee as a PCA and I was hoping that would give me an advantage .

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