New York Presbyterian Hospital, how to send your application to more than one place?

  1. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I am a new graduate and really want to work for NYP, I have a BSN and was an extern for them last summer (NYP Westchester). I applied to the new grad waitlist, got on it, took the career battery, had a phone interview, and was forwarded to the Cornell recruiter for Peds. I really want to do Peds, or even more ideally NICU if I can get straight into it. Since I was told that there weren't open positions right now at Cornell for Peds, does anyone know of a way I can also have them send my application to Morgan Stanley? When asked during the phone interview, I wasn't given this option so I thought maybe they didn't hire new grads. Does anyone know? And if they do, who can I contact to send my application to them without going through the whole waitlist/phone process again? Any info would be very helpful! Thank you
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