New Job-union nurse to management nurse

  1. I have worked as a staff RN for over 12 years, a LPN for 6 years prior. I will finish my BSN this summer. I was approach by my manager a couple weeks ago and informed of reorganization changes coming. I was told the hospital was creating two clinical coordinator jobs and they would like me to apply. I feel this would be a great opportunity and I will gain a greater perspective of the management side of nursing. I have been in the NYSNA for my whole career. I have no doubts with my professional ability but a few close nurse friends are discouraging me from applying. When cut backs come, middle management often gets cut and there is a chance the pay will be less. I gain greater flexibility with my schedule as a salary nurse. Are there any nurses out there that have made the transition from staff(union) nurse to management? What has been your experience and would you do it again if given the opportunity to do it again? Any advise?
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