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    I'm currently enrolled in nursing school and expected to graduate with my BSN in May of 2014. I'm going to school in North Carolina but want to move back to the DC metro area. Ive done thorough research on all the hospitals available to apply and it seems that there are only a handful that have a designated new grad residency program. What are the job prospects for this area for new grads? I'm open to any kind of job in any field but I just want to get my foot in the door so I can move back up there and then later I can get more picky about what specialty I really want to focus on.
    I just have to start making these decisions soon and need to know if there's even a chance of me getting a position up there or if I just need to focus on primarily getting jobs in NC.

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    You may want to try valley health. They have a critical care internship program and they offer an extern program.

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