New grad RN need help finding a Job in RI! New grad RN need help finding a Job in RI! | allnurses

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New grad RN need help finding a Job in RI!

  1. 0 I graduated in May with a BSN took and passed my NCLEX and now I am sitting on my bum looking for RN positions EVERYWHERE applied to places (more then once I think because I cant remember where I apply to). I'm even applying to places that need more experience then I have. I work as a mental health worker in a psychiatric hospital...and people are interested in that but once they get to my background check they don't call me back. When I was a kid I messed up and drank and 2007 and 2009. I know I messed up but I turned my life around and continue to go to AA meetings. I just don't know if I should just quit and look for a different profession.
    ...Feeling really hopeless right now
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    Have you had your record expunged?
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    I have to wait five years in RI but I could for the first one
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    I think if you let them know that you took rehab measures (went to AA meetings, etc), it won't make you look so undesirable. I'm sure there's a company out there that will give you a chance. Cross your fingers and good luck to you!
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    =D found a great job, Thank you honesty is really the best policy <3