New grad programs or sign on bonus in Chicago/anywhere?

  1. 0 Hello,

    I graduate this Thursday for nursing school, yay! Since January I've been scouting for job openings, it looks grim! Does anyone know of any hospitals in Chicago or the suburbs that offeres a nurse residency program?

    Also, since I'll have my MSN and a bachelors (in another field) to pay for, does anyone know of any hospitals who have sign on bonus or programs that pay off your tuition in exchange for work?

    My areas of interest are telemetry/cardiology and the NICU, however, I loved all of nursing so I wouldn't mind other fields.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Mount Sinai hospital has a nurse residency program, I went there after graduation. It has a lot of issues, being a charity hospital, and it was hard working there, but to be honest I preferred it to the uptight magnet hospital I worked at after that. Don't think they have any sign on bonuses.
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    Thanks! I'm getting a lot of recommendations for this hospital. Much appreciated.

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