Neonatal, Mother/Baby? Advice?

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    Hello all! I'm hoping for advice from nurses that have worked in or have knowledge in fields working with infants. They are my passion and I am curious about what unit I would particularly enjoy.What is the difference in the Mother/Baby Unit and the NICU? Also what is the title of the nurses responsible for babies in the nursery? Any helpful hints will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    If you work with babies in a mother baby unit they are healthy. You have to watch them closely because they are at risk of change of status quickly. NICU, neonatal intensive care unit if for sick babies. There are three levels. Level 3 nursery is the sickest babies. These kids are on vents and high technology. Level 2 nursery is for kids that are at risk of level 3 or step down unit. Just got out of a level 3 nursery. I'm not sure what level one is. That may be the nursery in a mother baby as you said.

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