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  1. I became an LPN in June, my experience includes banking, medical (cna, billing coding). Also assisted in the instruction of CNA students while in nursing school. Anyway, each time I apply for a position the answer is you do not have enough experience (1 year). My last employer is being contacted but does not respond. I am considering using my CNA license to get in the door and see where it leads. I volunteer at a local free clinic now also. I also have an AARP card I don't want to believe that age is a issue but it is possible. Just took a phlebotomy course for nurses, keeping the faith.
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  3. by   HouTx
    So sorry you are having so much trouble launching your nursing career. However, I do urge you to be cautious. Check with your state BON to get a ruling on working in an unlicensed job (CNA) even though you are a licensed nurse. This is prohibited in many states.
  4. by   skbgirl
    I called the BON - my CNA license is still active and the person I spoke with said I could use it. Both licenses are active because of when I passed the nclex they overlap.