Mt. Sac CNA 6 week program

  1. 0 Would it be a waste of time to do the CNA program at Mt sac and hopefully find a part time job as a CNA? If I'm already interested in becoming a RN ?
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    bump... i have the same question!!
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    Quote from pdiconsults
    It really depends on your current situation and reasons Why would you choose CNA? What do you hope to gain? And how will you pursue your RN path?
    I will be starting the rn program at Mtsac in either aug 2014 or feb 2015 then I will do my bsn at csuf. I know that after my first semester of nursing school I will be eligible to be a cna but I was just hoping to possibly gain experience prior to starting clinicals in nursing school. Do you think it would be worthwhile to do the cna program this summer or I should just wait until I finish first semester?

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