mistakes made on first day as nurse

  1. today was my first day as a LPN working by myself. everything was going great even minor things like passing meds too slow or running out of floor stock of chewable aspirin didn't phase me. but i really screwed up by forgetting to do IV antibiotics for a Pt whose only there for that reason. he's alert X30 and reminded a nurse on the 3-11 that he didn't get it and whats going on. im completely frazeled and just wanna quit it all i dont even want to go back and the charge nurse called me to ask why i didn't give it. I forgot to give it because im not ceritified and i had to delegate the task to someone else and totally forgot. i feel dumb lost and second guessing nursing. i really jus want to vent to people who might understand. (thats the only mistakes i know of so far i know my documentation wasnt up to par)
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  3. by   imma nurse
    At leasr you didn't get fired right? what do you mean ur not certified to give the iv antibiotic. LVNs can hang meds just can't give IV pushes.