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Military Spouse and Hospital Contracts

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    I will be graduating nursing school in May 2014 (yay!) and I am starting my job hunt early. The hospital I currently work at as a tech. requires 2 year contracts for all new nurses. The penalty for breaching the contract is $5,000 and with the already low pay (not for profit hospital with 6 nursing schools in town) it would be quite a blow finically to pay that back. My husband is set to commission in the Army the same time as my graduation, and that means sometime in the next 6 months to year after graduation I will be relocated. Does anyone know how to go about this kind of situation? I don't want to loose my nursing skills and not work for up to a year after graduation, but I can't afford to pay back $5,000 dollars. I contacted HR and there is currently no military clause. Does the Servicemenber's Civil Relief Act (SCRA) cover civilian professional contracts for spouses as well? Anyone else have this issue?
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    Check with a lawyer. Vets and family have a lot of resources.