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Looking for 2nd career nurses

  1. 0 I'm a nurse-writer for a national nursing magazine and looking for those of you who are 2nd career nurses for an upcoming article.

    Did you choose nursing after you did something else?

    Email me if you'd like to participate in a brief written interview and I'll send you a questionnaire.... confidentiality assured if desired and a copy of the draft will be sent to all participants prior to submission!


    Writer RN MSN FNP HNC
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    sure- send form via e-mail to : wilsonspetsounds@yahoo.com

    Thanks -
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    would love to help..send whatever you need to bob_8251@hotmail.com

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    Thanks to all of you who responded with your stories. This has really been so inspirational! I'll be in touch by email very soon....
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    If you still need nurses to respond, I'll be glad to help.
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    Thanks.... but the article is done! And submitted. I so appreciate all the folks who helped!