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Keck Hospital of USC RN Versant Program March 2014 - page 2

Has anyone applied to the USC Keck Hospital Versant RN Residency Program (App filing period 10/7-14) for March 2014 employment? I would like to start a forum and update each other about the process!... Read More

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    Also applied to Neuro and ONC ICU and no word yet...
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    I am so happy to see this thread finally got started! Just like everyone else, I applied on the first day for the OR, Neuro & ONC ICU and have yet to get any word. I will keep an eye on this for sure and let you all know if my status changes!
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    Ok so according to the original post interviews are being held the week of November 11, that would suggest that notifications to schedule would have gone out by now. Has anyone heard anything yet?

    Best of luck to ALL!! 😃
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    I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up pushing interviews back. I can't imagine that any recruiters would be ready for the volume of applications that they received. On top of that they asked for a lot of reading material in the app.... so if they truly read it, which would be great, we are all going to be waiting awhile... I have never gotten used to the waiting game!
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    So true. I think this one is going to be a long one. As you mentioned, they had to receive a ton of applications. With that said, I am continuing to look. Just had (what I think) was a successful interview at a level II trauma center and waiting to hear back. Has been only 4 days and even that is starting to feel like an eternity.

    Best of luck to you!!!
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    I just came from a job fair and Keck Hospital of USC was there. According to the lady that I talked to, they started making phone calls yesterday and rejection letters will be mailed out this week.
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    Thanks for the update! So the next question is: Has anybody gotten a call?

    Best of luck to all 😀
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    Not yet...
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    Still no news? I am anxiously awaiting the ringing of my phone and NOTHING! Anyone hear anything yet?
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    Nothing yet
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    nothing for me too.. if I don't get any phone call this week.. I guess I need to move on. =(
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    Facebook page also says no one's had a call yet, either. You are still in the running!
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    Can you please give me link to Facebook page?