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  1. 0 I had an interview for a CNA peds icu position on monday. The HR manager said they would get back to us friday. I havent heard back from anybody so I called and left a message to follow up with both HR and the nursing manager for peds. One of my friends who applied for the same position (b/c they have 3 openings), called and she got a hold of HR and they told her she didnt get the job and that they are still trying to interview more people. Does this mean I probably didnt get the job either? I thought our interview went really well, the only fall back might have been the fact that I'm in nursing school and they were worried my school is gonna interfere with work. Did anyone have a similar experience with HR not getting back with you at said time, even though u were being considered for the position? I REALLY want this job and am starting to feel a little discouraged.
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