Ideas On What To Do After Leaving Nursing

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    First, I know that this question has been asked before in many ways. I just need some ideas on what to do with my life after nursing. Has any ever left and pursued some completely different and was successful?


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    Depends on what you like to do with your free time.
    Open a consignment shop--would love to do that.
    Make and sell jewelry, handbags you make, something creative and fun that you can sell. Even online.
    Teach adult ed classes.
    Activities director at a senior center.
    Or be a receptionist at a salon.
    Sell real estate.
    Get a job at a clothing store, home decorating store....heck my Auntie loves to work at the local Target!!
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    Are you looking to still do something nursing related? If so, how long have you been a nurse? What kind of experience do you have?

    I had to stop working due to health issues. I am able to make some money writing blogs for a gated website for the specialty I worked in. It's a good supplement for my disability income.
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    I'm in pretty much the same place: trying to decide which skills I've learned from being a nurse that are transferable to other fields.

    I haven't totally left yet......have one foot still in nursing, and one foot very definitely OUT. If you figure it out before I do, will you please let me know?

    Thank you, and good luck!

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