How long does it take application for licensure to go through? (more info inside)

  1. 0 For some background, I am graduating with my ASN on December 14th. I am already filling out my application for licensure in the state of Indiana. However, when it went through the list where you have to answer "yes" or "no,", I DID have one yes answer, but it was because I was fired as a healthcare worker when I was a phlebotomist. I was fired for missing three days during the orientation period, so I've already written a sworn affidavit and had it notarized. Will this hinder the application time whatsoever? I'm just worried about this, for some reason. My family is moving tomorrow, and the sooner I can get licensed the better, because a prospective job will only interview me once I have my ATT
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    To be honest, the best source for the answer to your question is the Indiana BON. Drop them a note or call them and ask.

    Best of luck.

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