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Home Health to Hospital in Houston

  1. 0 I am a Home Health RN that has never worked in a hospital or clinic. I am losing health care coverage, and need a new job. I was looking at hospitals, but nobody seems interested. Am I pigeonholed? I work with peds on vents. Help! Anyone have any advice?
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    Have you already looked into TX Children's in Katy? Your pedi experience should be a real asset. If you don't have a BSN, this could be a major obstacle moving into acute care in the Houston area.

    If you only seeking a change due to the need for insurance - please consider enrolling in a health exchange. This is exactly why they are being created.
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    Thank you, I will defiantly look in Katy! As for the insurance, the exchange quote was more expensive for a much higher deductible than what I had before, sadly.