Help with Holistic Nursing in Michigan

  1. Hello,
    I am an Oncology RN and am moving to Michigan. I will be in Rochester Hills area (or Oakland county).
    I am interested in finding a great Oncology job but I am also interested in getting some formal education with Holistic Health. Can you recommend any schools that teach this discipline? I am very intersted in the mind body connection, disease prevention and maybe healing touch. Any info at this time would be helpful!
    Thank you,
    Gina Tripi RN
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  3. by   PestyPenny
    Healing Touch go for it. I have done Level 3. I went in doubtful and have become a firm believer. In Fla we use altered biofield for charting and do not need a Dr. order to do it. However Dr.s are writing scrips., and the ins. companys are working on a code for it. I recommend getting in touch with a holistic college and/or a metaphyisical church and started with classes. They all touch on the same thing, yet you learn many modalities. I plan on using HT as my career when I can't/don't want to nurse any more. At 50+ I know I won't phyisically last for ever in nurseng. Lots of luck