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  1. hello,
    I'm new to the boards and am in need of some help. I recently graduated college and have a BS in clinical laboratory science, but i want out!!!! I need help in deciding whether to do an associates program or a BS to rn program. I mean does it matter if i do the BS to rn program if i already have my bachelors?? I am so confused. Any advice would be greatly apprechiated.

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  3. by   MizRani
    Either one is good.Despite the cultish chant my nursing school likes to drill in our heads (You are taught differently than BSNs and therefore are better for patient care.), I think either one is great. I've met some crappy RN nurses and wonderful LPNs. But if you're planning on getting a Masters later on, it's best to go and just get your BSN. They both make just about the same when you get out of school.