Graduating with BSN in 3 months moving to GA residency vs. job

  1. I will be completing an accelerated 15 month BSN program in December. Where I seem to be complicating things is that I want to move to another state (Georgia) so with that comes taking the boards in the current state that I am in and applying to transfer the license to GA. Residency programs are becoming more flattering and I eventually would like to pursue MSN/MPH so Emory's Residency program is becoming more and more appealing. My undergraduate studies included community and public health education and I would love to go into public health nursing...ideal setting being health department.

    Any advice from those of you who had to transfer a license to another state?

    Advice on moving to another state and how long you planned in advance?

    Words of direction from anyone who has pursued or is looking into Emory's residency program?

    Anyone working in a Georgia health department as a nurse?
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