Fortis Institute at Nashville

  1. Hi guys! I am currently in an LPN program and I'm looking to go into RN school as soon as I graduate. I have been looking into the LPN to RN program at Nashville but I can not find any information. I have talked to the instructors and such and of course they are all going to say great things. This program is very costly and I just want to make sure I will get what I pay for. Thanks everyone.
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  3. by   aTOMicTom
    There's one well-written report on I found by googling "Fortis Institute"... it used to be "Medvance" and I never heard much good about them. I have a friend in Nashville who just completed his RN online mostly and I cannot remember the school.... I'll email him and see which it was. You may want to search on here for "Medvance"

    Goood luck,

    PS You are smart to be sceptical!

Fortis Institute at Nashville