First nursing job

  1. 0 I need some advice! I start my first nursing job on the step down cardiac floor at Vidant in Greenville, NC in a few weeks. I am not sure yet where I am going to live.

    I drove an hour 15 commute to school for the past year and actually enjoy the time to myself - as weird as that may seem. What is everyone thoughts on living outside of Greenville? Or of those of you that might work at Vidant where do you recommend living. I am newly married and 25 years old! We love to do things in town - so we are hoping to live in a fun neighborhood but I don't want to live near ECU (not into the college towns).

    Also - any advice as I prepare for my first job? I am so excited to be in Step-down, its why I went back to school after my first bachelors. I love the heart and all the people that come with it!!! Any advice would be much appreciated!

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