Does this sound safe for my license?

  1. I'm a new graduate and I responded to an ad for a flu shot nurse in my area and when I got the details it sounds a little questionable. The company wants to mail me the syringes and vaccines and for me to pre fill them and bring them to the site, then we're averaging 45 injections per hour.

    On one hand it seems like they're expecting free labor for the syringe filling (45 inj per hour X 7 hour shift= 315 syringes to prefill at home!), but I'm even more uncomfortable about toting around prefilled syringes. Again, I'm a new graduate so I'm a bit desperate for some work, but really not sure if I should be comfortable with this. Is this the normal protocol for immunization clinic nurses?

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  3. by   Lizzie Clayre
    Don't take the job... Apply to Mollen Immunization Clinics... They are nation wide and do things "by the book"!!!!