Does anyone know the specific roles of a surgery trauma RN?

  1. 0 I love emergency nursing! However they do not have any positions open at this time. Someone suggested that I apply for a ST (surgery trauma) RN position. I cant really find anything online about it. Is there anyone that could please share any info with me?
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    Well there is surgical trauma ICU or the trauma floor. As a new grad I would think trauma floor. Trauma ICU is NOT where I'd wanna cut my teeth as a new grad. There are a lot of head injuries with neuro impairment for instance. Often a lot of family issues, many of these injured people were perhaps drunk or high which led to the trauma (not saying ALL..any of us can be involved in a trauma). On the floor it's a lot of passing pain meds. You often deal with confused patients due to the head injuries. It's defintely not an area I enjoy getting anywhere near but everyone has their own flavor of what they like.

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