Did I ruin my chances if being an RN??? Did I ruin my chances if being an RN??? | allnurses

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Did I ruin my chances if being an RN???

  1. 0 I'm currently working as a HHA and I will start pre -nursing in March. There's something I've been worried about. Prior to working with this HHA agency I had worked for another. I was hired because a client requested me. However, after a month passed he wanted a male. I was told that because I was hired solely for him I had to submit a resignation letter. I did. Before my 2 weeks notice was up I landed another position with another agency. I worked about one week and 3 days before I left. I would never want to work for that agency again.

    The question is... When I go job hunting as an RN.. Will it look bad? Should I be worried?