CVICU to PACU? Any advice?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am currently working in CVICU and am a relatively new nurse with about a year of experience under my belt. I am considering taking a job in PACU, has anyone out there left CVICU to go to PACU and what was the result? Did you like PACU better? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I'm still new at this nursing thing and am so thankful for the voices of experience that help guide me through.
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  3. by   tdms
    Hello :wink2:
    When I graduated nursing school I took a job in PACU as a new grad. Unfortunately, I left my PACU job because I got married and had to relocate. I currently work in telemetry and would LOVE to go back into PACU. (I stayed for 6 months). It was great... for me I loved the high patient ratio turnover.. and I always got to see different patients and learn new processes. I am also a fairly new nurse, being in just over a year like yourself. Although I'm glad to always learn on telemetry, it is my ultimate goal to make PACU nursing my specialty one day. Hope it helps. Good luck!