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    I'm about to start the RN residency at Vidant. Part of completing the residency is a 2 year requirement to stay with Vidant or else pay $10,000 to break out of contract. I was told by the nurse recruiter that I can leave at any time during the residency and am NOT required to pay the $10k as long as I give notice BEFORE the last day. There is also a clause in the contract that states that "if nurse voluntarily or involuntarily does not complete the program, employment will be terminated and medical center will release the employee of the contractual obligation to fulfill the commitment period (2 years) or to reimburse the medical center the $10k". I was wondering if anyone has had to deal with leaving during the residency? I'm not sure I want to stay 2 years and my parents are older; I'm concerned that if something happens to them (God forbid) and I needed to move to their town that I suddenly owe the hosp $10k.

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    How was the residency program? Do you have any advice you can share about your experience at the hospital?

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