CNA 8 Hour Shifts in Tulsa

  1. 0 I just joined this site, so I dont know how to navigate it very well yet... feel free to move this thread if I've put it in the wrong section.Basically I just want to know if there are any 8 hour CNA shifts in Tulsa or Owasso Oklahoma. If I could be directed as to how I could find out, that would be just as helpful.
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    Hey how do you like being a CNA?

    -Janny B.
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    Well I havent worked as a CNA yet, but based on my training and 32 hours of clinicals, I would say it's ok. It depends on where you work and what you enjoy really (i.e. nursing home vs hospital).It's kind of tough at first, emotionally, but the work is straightforward and simple (although it can be physically demanding at times).
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    ok keep me posted

    -Janny B.

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