Breaking Travel Nurse Contract

  1. HELLO All
    I'm a traveler and have been for a long time but this is the first time I need to break my contract. The hospital I'm working at is in California it is doing medicare fraud and management is horrible. I just really cannot take it there anymore for many reasons. My housing is provided through my company does anyone have any Idea of how to get out of an assignment without owing housing? Thanks
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  3. by   CathyRN06

    I've traveled for quite a while myself. It's difficult to leave a contract without penalties. Not impossible - just difficult.

    Document what you see and more than one instance. Talk to your recruiter. If you can justify why you are leaving and especially in this instance, they won't want anything to do with it either.

    If you are in a metro area, it's possible they can place you in another assignment and you can keep your housing.

    Just a few ideas for you.