Best Study Courses for CCRN

  1. I seriously plan on taking the CCRN exam. I need this to hone my critical skills and also to use as a bargaining chip to land assignments as a traveller in both ICU and CCU. I have extensive knowledge in both bedside patient care and advanced procedures, but would like to fine tune these skills and focus them on the test. Does anyone know of very good study materials or courses available that would help me with this? I'm mainly looking for an instruction course that stands out. After 14 ACLS recertifications, as well as other courses that I've taken, I know that there are fair instructors, good instructors, and excellent instructors. I'm sure we've all seen this. The excellent instructor not only makes the topics interesting, but also has the quality of taking any given topic and presnting it in a way that makes you snap your fingers and say "Now I get it!". This is pretty much what I'm looking for. I'm mainly looking for online DVD or CD type courses that are focused on taking my skills and directing toward the needs of the test. Any ideas?
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