attn: Gifted Writers - help re-work a statement for cover letter

  1. Recently liscenced CNA/ Pre-nursing student looking for a CNA job to gain some clinical experience.

    I'm stuck in that rut of not having the required experience stated in every job posting I come across. Consequently, I'm having trouble writing my cover letters in a way that will help me stand out despite the lack of experience.

    I have to highlight the only thing that I feel separates me from the rest of the pack. This is where I need your help. I LOOOVE medicine. My "favorites" on my internet explorer are compiled of about 150 links to medical blogs, journals, and forums...alphabetized and categorized into academic, news, humor, and discussions. I re-read my A&P textbook, for fun. I know that most of you are thinking "whoa, lame...", but it's the only unique attribute I have at this stage of my education. (I say unique just because most of my classmates tend to meet my enthusiam for the subject with silence and the side-eye).

    How do I phrase this love of medical education into a professional statement in my cover letter?

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