Att: Illinois licensed nurses with conviction...

  1. I just heard from my lawyer today that there is a new law that will take affect soon. This new law states anyone with a forcibly felony on their record will have their license revoked. He also stated that it doesn't matter how long ago this crime was, it will still affect many nurses throughout the state of Illinois. I hope this is not true. If anyone has any input on this matter please chime in...When I google this new law all im finding is a law that was passed concerning crimes against patients, sex crimes, and so on..Please chime in anyone with input on this matter...
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  3. by   sophie_k17
    I did a project about this in nursing school. From what I remember it includes crimes against patients, sex crimes, and DUI's. I think that you can write the Illinois state board of nursing concerning the matter, they make the ultimate decision about you license to practice nursing.