Any advice on selecting a RN refresher course?

  1. 0 Hi, I have a BSN and gradtuated Dec 2009 and passed my boards Feb 2010. I have not worked as a RN since graduating. I am planning to take a RN refresher course to get back into the field of nursing. I am looking at two refresher courses. The first is University of Delaware and that consists of online didactics and 80 clinical hours and cost is a little under $1200 for everything. The other is Anne Arundel Community College and that has in-class didactics, 2 weekends of skills, and 80 hours of clinical and the cost is about $2200 for everything. Bothe are roughly the same amount of time. I want to take a qaulity course and also try to watch my wallet. Has anyone taken either of these two programs and can provide any feedback? Or, any general advice/knowledge on these two RN refresher courses? Thank you very much for any insight!
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