1. 0 I need you guys opinion. I work in a kinda of a hospital setting as a scheduler. I work now four days with 10 hour days. I am off usually on a Monday or a Friday. Our boss is wonderful about giving at least a three day weekend. A four day weekend a month.
    My question is since I will be starting school in the fall. (730-950 am) I will have to go back to 8 hour days in order to get 40 hours. The way we work is someone has to be here till 700 at night. My complaint is since I am starting school I have the late shift until December. Everybody usually leaves at 600. Do I have a reason to be upset about this? or am I just selfish? I hate this shift. By the time I get home is 800, fix supper and wash dishes it is 900-1000. I am tired...what would you guys do?
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    look on it as an hour to try to get some homework done and keep in mind that its only a temporary situation. The fabulous thing about the humen race is we adjust to almost any circumstance quickly you'll adjust.
    Trust the big quackerdoo!!!!!!!!

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