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ADN school in Texas

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    I'm getting ready to take prereqs and would like to know if anybody knows of a school in Texas that is quick and easy to enter. I have a B.A. in Bio, but with a GPA of 2.1 (10 years and 3 lives ago), I wasn't even planning on mentioning that I went to college at all.

    I can all but guarantee A's in the prereqs and will nail any standardized test you put in front of me, but I'm too unemployed to wait a year or two to get into school. Texas is a big place...any ideas?

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    I live in Texas too and that is where I am going. I live in the Houston area and it's so big, I wanted something close to home too.
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    Texarkana College small comunity College You will need to get your grade point up. But it depends on you. LVN program no pre reqs pass an entrance exam 1 year program. cost less than 3000.00 including books. ADN also affordable. My tution 680.00 this semester. Low cost of living in this area. compared to Dallas and Houston.