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Nurses need career advice from time to time regarding how to land the perfect job, what to say in that interview, enhance a resume, advance their education, or just generally move from one specialty area to another. This forum will discuss these topics as well as offer assistance to the individual considering nursing as a career. We all wish that at some point we had a place to come and get the pearl that made a difference. Please show us your pearls of wisdom.

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Articles are written by nurses, students, educators, and healthcare professionals. All our articles focus on patient safety, nurse professionalism, specialties, student decisions, nursing schools, and so much more.


Ten Tips for New Grad Nurses

By JayPeacock - Nurses, in spite all of the wonderful employment opportunities available for us, still face trouble when it comes to the hiring process - especially new grads. Below are ten awesome tips to get you started out as a nurse that will definitely improve your chances in landing that perfect job! 1. Volunteering This is probably not what you want to hear, but this is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door! A lot of places... Read More →

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Nursing and Career Changes

By thrn30 - The Only Constant in Life is Change Isnít it known that the only constant we can count on in life is change? With over three decades of nursing experience, choosing one point of my career to discuss where I have changed my focus is difficult as there have been many. My professional career has consistently been changing with and without conscious effort. The Healthcare industry has been and continues to change. As advancement of... Read More →

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For Those Considering A Career In Nursing

By Ruby Vee - I've been a nurse for a lONG time -- probably longer than most of you reading this have been alive. Had I known what I was getting into, I probably would not have gotten into it. Fortunately, I had no idea. I say fortunately, because nursing has been an interesting and flexible career that has afforded me a nice lifestyle and kept me from being bored. I wouldnít go back and change my mind about going into nursing if I could.. ... Read More →

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Importance of Continuing Education in the Nursing Profession

By Beverly Sampson - The importance of continued education with any profession is paramount. Within the Nursing profession it is a requirement. In general, to maintain your license you need twenty-four continuing education credits (CEU's) every two years. This article will discuss, and hopefully motivate us to go above and beyond that requirement so that we may be able to take better care of our patients. In fact, one could argue that our patients will be... Read More →

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Back In The Saddle Again

By VivaLasViejas - With apologies for the Old West metaphors.....I am, indeed, back in the saddle again as a floor nurse. And as sore as my old bones are from the unaccustomed exertions of this past week, it's a good kind of tired that reminds me of what it was like to be a nurse. As expected, it hasn't taken me long to recall how I used to manage my shift, or to take the first steps in re-establishing myself with the aides and other nurses. Many of... Read More →

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Camp Omigosh Nearly Derails a Camp Nurse

By Liddle Noodnik - Camp Omigosh is a remote camp set in the verdant mountains of New Hampshire (yes, the name of the camp has been changed to protect the not-so-innocent). This is my fourth year as a camp nurse. Tired from a very busy month, I am actually looking forward to an experience I often dread. Why do I dread it? I dread it because I am a projector. Not in the psychological sense but in the "Omigosh!" creative writing sense. But this month,... Read More →

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Nursing In Demand

By 169xtw - There are a lot of elements that create the significant factors of the obstacles dealing with the nursing career in our day and they consist of in the pattern of severity: Technical innovation, healthcare system changes, improving amount of work - heightened long life amongst clients, improving expert need and improving lack of job. Innovation has to do with the best obstacle dealing with the nursing career with the heightening... Read More →


How I started to love my career...

By IamYuina - If someone will ask me what is nursing for me? I would answer it's something that will take everything away from you, but yet you'll stay in love with your job. With every smile you see in every patient who is very thankful for your caring hand, what else will you ask for? To tell you the truth, nursing wasn't my first choice of career. I wanted to become a doctor that's why I decided that after taking nursing I would, eventually,... Read More →

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Creating a New Job in your field of Nursing

By nicoleflothe - I have been a Nurse for the last 18 years and worked in many different areas of Nursing. I started off in Telemetry working the night shift and then moved to work at an Eye clinic. My sister-in-law is also a Nurse and she was working at a place in Boca Raton called Hospice By the Sea. She found the hours were good and you would go out and visit patients and families in the home. Her position changed with the company and she started... Read More →

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Advise to New Nurse: An Interview with Seasoned Nurses

By Amandavalleen - I recently had the privilege of interviewing two really great nurses. Both have been in practice for at least 7-10 years and have worked in various roles (inpatient, traveling, charge nurse and outpatient). I figured that with their experience and skill, they would be more than able to give great advice to new nurses. I was right! I asked 3 simple questions and I loved the responses! They are brief and candid, yet powerful when you... Read More →

Last comment by Amandavalleen

Do New Graduate Nurses Need a Formal Residency Program?

By JPCummings - After four years of nursing school, do nurses need this additional training? To answer this question, it is prudent to examine the traditional four year baccalaureate nursing curriculum. In general, the first two years of study are dedicated to the fulfillment of general education courses such as English, history, statistics and any other non-nursing courses mandated to meet graduation requirements. Other courses while non-nursing in... Read More →

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Advice for the first year of Nursing

By SandandSandwiches - Being a new nurse is freaking scary. All the time you spent binge drinking coffee, cramming for tests, memorizing lab values and texting under the desk seem so heavenly and pleasant in retrospect, for once you pass your state board exams and set off into reality, thats the actual tough part. After 2pm tomorrow, I have officially 3 more shifts at my job before I hang up my stethoscope, and try some new adventures for a bit. This... Read More →

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Types of Nursing Careers

By Mona Mona - Agency - Agency Nursing is essentially where a nurse will register or sign up with an agency or similar group and tell them what hours they are available to work. The nurses are then contacted and offered work on a shift to shift basis. Agency Nurses are now in high demand, particularly, in the case of nurses with specialized training or experience. See also: travel nursing Ambulatory Care - Ambulatory Care Nurses care for... Read More →

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10 Questions New Grads Would Love to Ask a Recruiter

By Just and R.N - Before I begin, I would like to ask that any misconceptions/assumptions/presumptions be excused as the wondering of an ignorant new grad. This article is not meant to disparage, just to gain a clearer perspective on some of the more perplexing aspects of job searching. There is a certain dark mystery to some of us as to the secrets of the HR hiring process. Countless threads have been dedicated to unraveling (excuse the pun) the... Read More →

FAQs Last comment by mamagui

Advice to the Younger Nurse Me

By SarahLeeRN - ďThis is what reality shock feels like,Ē I thought to myself as I stared at the little confused old man sitting on the edge of his bed, covered in blood from the IV that he just pulled out. It was quarter to eleven at night and I still had two more people who needed medications, foley catheters to empty, charting to finish, and now, another IV to start with an antibiotic to hang before my shift was technically Ďoverí at eleven. As... Read More →

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Mid-Life Crisis: My Autobiographical Account of My Career as a LPN

By lpnpgh123 - Ever wonder if you are having a mid-life crisis? Well,I am in the throes of one! I have found myself questioning if there is a difference between having a mid-life crisis, and having a "nervous breakdown." Over the last few years, I have definitely questioned my sanity! I have been a LPN for almost 19 years. In that time , I have worked many specialties: LTC, Doctors' offices in various specialties, staffing relief agencies,... Read More →

Last comment by andreasmom02

My buddy Joe

By jaelpn - The first time I met Joe, I suddenly felt like I was in the presence of my own father who had passed away a few months prior. His stature, the way his blue eyes could tell a story... it was like God giving me this second chance to find some closure and acceptance to my own father's sudden death at 59. Nursing is more than a career and paycheck to me- it's life. I have always been intrigued with the medical field- as a young kid, I... Read More →

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NURSING: A life that is indescribably wonderful.

By HeatherEllen - I graduated high school in the top 10 of my class. At that time, everything was about getting into a good college. As the daughter of two entrepreneurs, it was always expected that I go to business school. At 22 years old, I had graduated with Sum Cum Laude from one of the top 10 business schools in the nation, with a double major in Business Finance and Business Management. I was hired right after graduation to work for Ameriprise... Read More →

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Retirement Bliss

By judybsn - Retirement, is something we dream about and look forward to for many years. Iím here to say it isnít really all itís cracked up to be. In fact for me it was quite miserable and resulted in depression, as absolutely nothing could fill the huge void that absence of nursing had left. I had liked the idea of retiring early at 55, it appealed to me. I was retired for a year and a half before I went running back to nursing. I think... Read More →

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Picking or Changing Your Specialty

By CarolynBK123 - What kind of nurse do you want to be? Have you chosen a field only to find out that itís not the place you want to spend the rest of your career? If you change fields, will you have to go back to school for continued education? These days itís not as simple as just going to nursing school. There are a lot of factors while youíre in school and knowledge and experience that you will gain in the years working after graduating that can... Read More →

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