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Working in Australia from NZ

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    I've just finished the Newgraduate programme in my hospital and currently working
    as a junior staff nurse there. I want to move to Australia (Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria).

    I work in OR but I want to move to PACU or ICU/CCU. My final placement in university was actually in Recovery/PACU but I got a job offer in OR.

    Is it possible to find a job with only 1 year of experience?

    I'm still here in NZ because I'm finishing my post grad certificate. I'm registered in Australia already...
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    Hi there the federal government has just retracted 108 million dollars from the Victorian state budget. My ward is closing and a theatre is closing at my hospital and similar reductions at all hospitals across the state. Also many of last years grad programs have not been given posts this year.
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    Moving to the Australia/New Zealand forum.

    Best of luck with your search.
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    There are plenty of New Zealand nurses working in my hospital (in NSW), including new grads on the new grad program.
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    After reading the news this morning, I am glad I work in NSW & have. A grad job lined up.