Anywhere new Graduate Registered Nurse vacancies ? Anywhere new Graduate Registered Nurse vacancies ? | allnurses

Anywhere new Graduate Registered Nurse vacancies ?

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    I am just wondering to know does anyone know particularly about New Graduate Registered Nurse jobs around their local areas. I have been having bitter experiences regarding Graduate Nurse programs because the ones I am selected requires Permenent Residency status , unfortunately which I donot have at the moment, Instead I am under Graduate skille visa which allows for fulltime work and stay legally. The fact is that I am on the system of PR in Immigration. So, would be able to provide the status in the near future.

    Does anybody have any ideas regarding Graduate Registered Nurse positions? please share in this thread. Your contribution will be much appreciated.

    Cheers !
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    Where are you living? I saw on Seek the other day that Knox Private Hospital in the East suburbs of Melbourne is currently taking apps for their Grad year program.
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    Thank you SarahRN1987

    I live in Queensland.Thanks once again :-)

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    I will be applying for 2013 places soon. Everything I have seen requires Australian/NZ citizenship or Permanent Residency. Nil exceptions. You may have to forgo the Grad Program, which is not the end of the world though.